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Saturday, April 9

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  7:15 PM
  Riverside Theatre

Ramona and The Sometimes


Venue: Riverside Theatre

Date: Saturday, April 9

Doors: 30 mins before each show

Ramona and the Sometimes: 7:15 PM

Tré Burt: 8:30 PM

Aaron Dilloway: 10:00 PM

Admission: Included with festival pass

Ramona and the Sometimes is a Des Moines, IA based five-piece pop rock band led by multimedia artist Ramona Muse Lambert. The group relies on accessible hooks and pop song structures with emotionally raw, often positive and uplifting lyrical content, with an emphasis on encouraging creativity and the self confidence to create art. With Muse Lambert’s roots being in visual arts, the project explores a strong visual element, with ever-evolving costume and stage design to enhance the live performance. Following multiple releases from Ramona’s previous iterations, the current lineup released it’s debut LP, Negative Space is a Positive Thing, in 2017, and is slated to release a follow-up record in the summer of 2022.