Saturday, April 8, 2023

Community (Free)
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  Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Karen Meat

Music Performance

Venue: Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Date: Saturday, April 8

4:30 | Pop rock band experience

Admission: Free and open to the public

Karen Meat is a pop rock band experience based in Iowa, Midwest USA. In colorful outfits and antics, Karen Meat is fronted by Arin Eaton and backed by Dana Telsrow. Their melting synth and guitar rippin’ tunes bounce to the beat of Eaton’s melodic yet straight-to-the- point vocals, confessing weird life in a choir of her own harmonies.

Eaton began Karen Meat in Des Moines during the party years of the mid-2010s, along with bandmates Brad Turk and John Huffman. Their most recent full-band record Meat Your Heart Out, released in late 2019 under Karen Meat & The Heat, crystalizes their garagey dive bar spirit (“Pizza & Beer”, “Part of the Party”). In 2016, Eaton went out on her own in sunglasses and a giant sparkly mumu, crooning to a karaoke-style set produced by Telsrow. Now joining her on stage in mumus and his electric guitar, Eaton and Telsrow’s coordinated act perfectly aligns with their funky pop songs. Karen Meat’s record You’re An Ugly Person (Emotional Response Records, 2018) introduced the bubbly yet cranky harmony between Eaton and Telsrow – music that feels like a disco party decorated with sad clown paintings.