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Creek Eats

presented by Iowa City Downtown District

Each year for Mission Creek Festival welcomes community members and visitors to experience live performance, literary arts, and radical community happenings within intimate venues and spaces of downtown Iowa City. An important piece of each Mission Creek Festival is the memories and experiences made at a number of restaurants and pubs. While the festival remains virtual for 2021, Creek Eats, a take-home food and drink experience will offer a dinner and drink experience from our favorite partner restaurants and bars that would normally be had in person.

The Creek Eats box is a take-home food and drink experience that will include food and drink that customers will cook and prepare at home while listening and attending the virtual festival.

5-course meal to make at home includes:

  • 4 Dishes
  • 4 Drinks
  • 1 Dessert

Each course will include all ingredients, recipes, and/or instructions for each dish.