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Saturday, April 9

Free & Community
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  3:00 PM
  Trumpet Blossom Cafe



Venue: Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Date: Saturday, April 9

Doors: 30 mins before each show

Admission: Free and open to the public!

Five years (it’s been 5 years?) after being shipwrecked on Earth, and assimilation into its many forms of “society” has never been more taxing. While Madi and Hadiza arrived (crash landed) on Earth with a veritable set of skills related to the recycling of intergalactic waste, this has been difficult to translate into gainful employment. Most recently, the two have been mildly successful working as part of the clean up crews for a variety of maritime vehicles located on the southern coast of North America… but the success hasn’t come from the cleaning work. Several months of saving 40% of their weekly income (rent not a factor), to invest a pretty coin has yielded exactly two (2) oxygen tanks for use in deep sea diving and exploration. Since this investment they’ve caught at least one rare fish.