ft. Maxwell Neely-Cohen, Stephanie Burt, Sabrina Orah Mark, & Brandon Alexander Williams

Saturday, April 6

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Visual Poetry Synthesizer

  4 p.m.
  7 S. Linn St.

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  • Venue: 7 S. Linn St.
  • Dates: Saturday, April 6
  • Doors: 4 p.m.
  • Tickets: FREE and open to the public

As a 2018 Resident Artist at CultureHub, Maxwell Neely-Cohen created a prototype for a space that would visually respond to the live reading of poetry and prose. The development team used Google Cloud’s speech-to-text API, Python, Max/MSP, and the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon to get a basic version working in four days in June, which was then tested by an amazing assortment of poets, writers, and editors.

Maxwell Neely-Cohen brings the latest iteration of this software to Mission Creek, where poets of all stripes will explore the possibilities of technology and poetry in a must-see reading.

Read To Me – Meghann Plunkett from Maxwell Neely-Cohen on Vimeo.