Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Peanut Ricky & The Fiends

  8 p.m.
  The Mill

Musical Performance

Venue: The Mill

Wednesday, April 4

Peanut Ricky & The Fiends, 8 p.m.

Paul Cary, 9 p.m.

Xylouris White, 10 p.m.



$10 In Advance / $12 Day of Show General Admission (also gains entry to Paul Cary and Xylouris White)

Peanut Ricky & The Fiends is Iowa City Musician Jordan Adams’ first solo project. While her roots are in the local DIY punk scene, writing for and performing in Conetrauma and Jailbus, she also draws inspiration from bands such as The Gun Club, Bauhaus, and The Pixies. These influences come together to create the minimalist post punk sound that is Peanut Ricky. With the help of fellow local musician Matthew Bancroft-Smith, what began as a few demos created on her computer, has grown into a larger project which performs with a full rotating live band. The music spotlights Adams’ bass riffs and delay fueled vocals, with Bancroft-Smithe’s fuzzed out screaming guitar riffs and simplistic drum beats rounding out the sound. Adams is currently working on the first Peanut Ricky recording utilizing a full band which features Bancroft-Smithe and members of Brooks Strause & the Gory Details. It has an anticipated release of Spring 2018.