with Elysia Crampton, Lawrence English

April 5

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MacMillan & Spengler

  8:30 p.m.

Musical Performance

With Elysia Crampton, Lawrence English


Wednesay, April 5 – 8:30 p.m.

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MacMillan & Spengler take a dedicated look back at the golden era of electronic music, walking the same path as modern peers Bitchin Bajas, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Steve Moore.

Ian MacMillan, who moonlights as a philosophy professor, approaches synthesis with left-brain, algorithmic creativity. He has been deejaying and making experimental electronic music around the Midwest for years, often accompanied by his modular video synthesis rig. The swirling sequences, random voltages, and cosmic sweeps he contributes to the duo, a la Klaus Schulze or Morton Subotnik, come from his museum of modular synthesizers and keyboards.

Brendan Lee Spengler, who grew up in Memphis, TN, is a classically trained pianist who left virtuosity behind for the RnR and Proto-Punk bands around the Goner Records scene. Equally influenced by Terry Riley and Richard Wagner, he tows a large combo organ and analog synthesizers to create grand themes and ascending moods for the duo’s sound.

MacMillan & Spengler performed a live soundtrack to a restored print of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari in front of a sold out audience at Film Scene last October. They also recently finished an album titled “Demonstration,” with Luke Tweedy at Flat Flat Black Studios.