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April 4

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HEXA (Lawrence English + Xiu Xiu)

  9:45 p.m.

Musical Performance

With TALsounds


Tuesday, April 4 – 9:45 p.m.

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Lawrence English, a composer, artist and curator living in Brisbane, Australia, and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart met in 2009. Initially connecting through their mutual admiration of affective sound — the ways in which sound and music act on the mind and body — as well as 20th-century Japanese photography and birdwatching, it wasn’t long before the pair found themselves pursuing a musical collaboration: HEXA.

HEXA’s work has focused on physically affective sound, cycling rhythm and intense textural density, and they created an auditory response to David Lynch’s Factory Photography project, commissioned by Brisbane’s Gallery Of Modern Art as part of a retrospective of Lynch’s work last year.

The soundtrack they created — HEXA’s Factory Photographs was released in November 2016, and they’ll bring their audio-visual work to Mission Creek in 2017, which will include the original David Lynch photography that prompted the music’s creation.