8th Annual Literary Magazine & Small Press Book Fair


  Time TBA
  The Mill

Book Fair

The Mill

Saturday, April 8 – 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


H_NGM_N is an online journal & small press, founded in 2001 by Nate Pritts.

H_NGM_N BKS publishes single author collections of contemporary poetry as well as reissues of out of print works & a series of portable document format chapbooks.

H_NGM_N is an online journal of poetry, prose &c. appears whenever it wants, but most typically in April. We consider work that has not appeared anywhere else – online or in print – & we acquire first rights. But: if we accept your work, you’re saying it’s OK for us to archive your work on the site indefinitely & to include it in future print anthologies.