with Floating Points, Tires

April 8

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  9 p.m.
  Blue Moose Tap House

Musical Performance

With Floating Points, Tires

Blue Moose Tap House

Saturday, April 8 – 9 p.m.

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Unlike many acts, who debut with generic-sounding material before (either) branching out into the unknown (or venturing even closer to the familiar), Cubits have come out of the gate with guns a’blazing, immediately introducing listeners to a unique blend of hazy, entrancing melody based music that pulls from any number of genres to create something that is all its own.

Cubits’ Nicholas Naioti, Michael Dugan and Parker DeMers went into their new project with a goal: To find the “balance between complexity and impulsiveness.” All three members come from previous projects (Naioti with MR NASTI and Annalibera, Dugan and DeMers with Captain Ascender), and in Cubits they seem to have found a vessel for both experimentation and self-expression. “We’re interested in creating a framework from which we can improvise but still maintain attention to detail,” explains drummer Naioti.

-Bio excerpt provided by Atwood Magazine