Saturday, April 7

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  7 p.m.
  The Englert Theatre

Musical Performance

Venue: The Englert Theatre

Saturday, April 7

Bstar, 7 p.m.

Built to Spill, 9:15 p.m.


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BStar has spent the past five years crafting an immersive sound composed of complex, mathy, stop-on-a-dime parts arranged within catchy, atmospheric grooves that fit in right alongside their best post-rock influences. Yet, they exist on their own plane, somewhere between the aggressive dissonance of Don Caballero and the sweeping audial landscapes of Explosions in the Sky. The Iowa City duo’s instrumental jams reflect the extreme elements of their Midwestern home, from the hazy, sweltering dog days of summer to the harsh, brutal darkness of winter. Their self-titled debut album, due out in Spring 2018, is a complete thought, a story of survival on the great plains.