What is Mission Creek Festival?

Mission Creek Festival merges performance, literature, and community in an intimate, cross-medium experience. Our focus is on quality, independent-minded sounds, words, and events hosted in venues across downtown Iowa City. We are keen on emerging artists and embrace renegade spirits who have been around for years. We are the music and performance festival with deep literary roots, the literary gathering with music and other happenings tucked around the edges, and the cultural experience that rivets both locals and visitors in the middle of a warm, weird Midwestern town. 2018 is the thirteenth year of the festival. Mission Creek Festival is presented and produced by The Englert Theatre.

When and where is Mission Creek Festival?

Mission Creek Festival takes place April 3 – 8, 2018 in and around downtown Iowa City. Venues include but are not limited to: The Englert Theatre, Hancher Auditorium, Blue Moose Taphouse, FilmScene, Gabe’s, The Mill, Prairie Lights Bookstore, Iowa City Public Library, Deadwood, Big Grove Brewery & Taproom, Yacht Club, and Trumpet Blossom Cafe. Most events will be within five minutes walking of other events.

What is the format?

There will be concerts, readings, discussions with and lectures by artists, performances by comedians. Additionally, there will be culinary events, a book fair, and a DIY comics fair.

Do you accept submissions?

The festival is curated by a small team of programmers – we do not accept unsolicited artist submissions.

What’s the price of admission?

Full week passes (Tues – Sun) are $150 and weekend passes (Fri – Sun) are $75 —both are available now.

Individual tickets to select events will go on sale in January 2018.

Some events are free and open to the public.

Are there age restrictions?

Passes and tickets are available to purchasers of all ages but some venues have age restrictions – Blue Moose Tap House, Gabe’s, The Mill, and Yacht Club are all 19+ after 10 p.m. Additionally, some material at performances might be more appropriate for mature audiences. Festival goers should research all artists and presenters if they have concerns about content.

Festival Contacts

PR/Marketing: Aly; aly@missioncreekfestival.com
Community Engagement: Jen; jen@missioncreekfestival.com
General FAQ: Andre; info@missioncreekfestival.com

Ramona and the Swimsuits perform in front of local art and clothing store White Rabbit at Mission Creek Festival 2012. Photo: Bill Adams.

Festivalgoers queue up for a performance at Gabe’s, one of our many venues across and around downtown Iowa City. Contributed Photo: Bill Adams